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We started this trip on 9-11 with a moment of silence. The drive across Utah was visually amazing, right at the edge of an incredible storm. At the Nevada line we entered the Great Basin NP -the Basin spans from The Great Salt Lake to Lake Tahoe! The Lehman Caves are huge caverns each with hundreds of formations. Lake Tahoe and the fabulous Emerald Bay hike, Yosemite, Kings Canyon (Sierra Nevada) and Sequoia National Park. Everything was too large to photograph with context. Sequoia 300' high, 44' diameter, Bristlecone Pines 3000 years old. 4 mile hikes at 8+grade into granite canyons. Awesome. And Very Big.
Storm BrewingThundercloud Straight AheadHawk WatchCloud Formationa wild turkey line-upSometimes You Have To Look Up!Glacial Canyon- Great Basin National Park NVHalf Dome Peaking Through - Yosemite National PArk