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The photo artistry is surreal - very interesting!
Bette Ann(non-registered)
wow love the hummers! the one in the purple and white flower is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rebecca & Dan Scheer(non-registered)
Just enjoyed viewing the Portugal collection and reading the blog - thanks for letting those of us "stateside" see a bit of Portugal (vicariously) through your lens and your pen - or should I say keyboard? My faves? Well, I ALWAYS love photos of food, but I gotta say the shot of all the photographers was just FUN! Travel safely, dear friends, and keep a sharp eye out for the "shot of a lifetime"!
Rebecca Scheer(non-registered)
Oh me, oh my! Those last 4 shots of the Hoosier Pass Hike are amazing! I think that lens did just FINE in capturing the immensity of the landscape and views! And the blog was fun to read, having been present - ha! We should be thankful for those clouds . . . . added so much to the shot! Mother Nature at her best! Well done, my friend!
Linda Mirro(non-registered)
Love the shadows! Kepp up the awesome work!
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